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Viva Hair is a long-established hair salon, over 35 years! We offer a wide range of services to Ladies and Gents.

Whether you visit us knowing exactly what you want or would welcome a little advice and guidence, we will use our wealth of experience and expertise to make sure you feel amazing after your visit.

Service Menu Mondays

20% off for over 60's

Blow dry 30 mins  £18.50 
Blow dry 45 mins  £27.15 
Trim/Cut & Blow dry  £31.50 
Restyle & Blow dry  £35.65 
Wet trim with blastdry  £19.20 
Dry trim  £14.15 
Shampoo & set  £15.45 
Trim shampoo & set  £26.55 
Colours not including finish   
Regrowth just roots KP  £27.95 
Regrowth with illumina  £30.00 
Colour touch semi  £25.75 
Fullhead plus (regrowth + ex col)  £37.75 
Full head foils  £51.40 
1/2 head foils  £39.10 
Just parting  £26.55 
Streaks with cap  £25.95 
Perms not including finish   
Curl it/Wave it/bio curl  £25.50 
Zotos acid perm  £28.50 
Dry trim  £11.50 
Just clippers  £9.35 

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