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Viva Hair is a long-established hair salon, over 35 years! We offer a wide range of services to Ladies and Gents.

Whether you visit us knowing exactly what you want or would welcome a little advice and guidence, we will use our wealth of experience and expertise to make sure you feel amazing after your visit.

We use WELLA professional products in all our technical services The price does not include blow drying, cutting or blow dry/sets Skin tests MUST be carried out 48 hours prior to colour scalp treatments. A deposit of £20 is required on all colour treatments

Regrowth just roots Kol perfect £34.95
Regrowth with illumina £37.50 
Colour touch semi   £32.15 
Fullhead plus (regrowth + ex col)  £47.20 
Full head foils £64.25 
1/2 head foils  £48.90 
Just parting foils  £33.20 
Full head col + foils long  £93.75 
Full head col + foils short  £81.40 
Regrowth + part foils long  £51.50 
Regrowth + part foils short  £44.30 
Balayage and Ombre  from £49.30 
Streaks with cap  £32.45 
Curl it/Wave it/bio curl  £35.60 
Zotos acid perm  £41.20 
OLAPLEX  add £15.00 
Toning & Glossing  from £20.00 

    Information for Technical Services:

We have a great team at Viva Hair waiting to give you and your hair the best service you deserve.

Our team comprises 6 senior stylists, all here to help you enjoy your experience here at Viva Hair.

All appointments start with a full consultation. Please allow extra time if you have very long hair.

We also do colour testing prior to your appointment where we can take samples of your hair to test to make sure we get the desired result at a charge of £5. A deposit of £20 is required for all colour services.

    All scalp treatments require a skin test 48 hours before your appointment.

    Prices do not include cut and finish

Regrowth sometimes called roots or re-touch. Using WELLA Koleston Perfect or Illumina

Permanent colour is applied to the root area only, to blend in with the ends. Grows out. £34.95/£37.50

Semi WELLA Color Touch is applied, usually roots to ends. Great for condition and shine. Lasts about 20 washes. £32.15

Full head plus Permanent colour is applied from the roots to the ends when a completely new look is required. Grows out. £47.20

Full Head Foils Applying permanent colour or bleach on to weaved sections of hair in foils, over the whole head. More than one colour and or bleach can be used. Weaving the hair allows un-coloured section to remain making for a more natural look. £64.25

Half Head Foils The same technique as full head foils but only applied to half of the head from front hair line to crown. This works well on shorter hair and to touch up the root area for long hair. £48.90

Parting Foils As above, just over the parting to blend in roots. Works on long and short hair especially good if your short on time. £33.20

Full Head Colour and Foils Full head of foils as well as a full head of colour. Different prices for different lengths of hair. Will achieve a completely new look. From £93.75

Regrowth and Part Foils This includes foils up the parting section and a regrowth colour as well.

This works well for breaking up block colours and to give different tones through the hair. Different prices for different lengths of hair. From £44.30

Add a toner to any colour service for £20.00 (Great for achieving your desired tone especially after bleach)

Olapex can be added to all colour services £15.00

Balayage and Ombre

These are more relaxed, freehand methods used to create soft high/low lights. The hair is weaved out and colour applied using a paddle. Without the use of foil this is a quicker technique and leaves a more natural look from £47.85

Bleached roots only available after full consultation Bleach treatments always include Olaplex £45.00

Colour stripping and correction service. Price after full consultation.

At Viva Hair we use OLAPLEX

A revolutionary new product for dry, damaged and porous hair. Treatments start from £17.50

Trim and blowdry with OLAPLEX treatment £50.00

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